Our partners

We cannot help others without your help! Thanks to your contributions and help we have been able to get where we are now.

But we are not there yet! Would you also like to contribute and help us help others? Contact us to learn more about the various (business) sponsorships.

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Partin helps community-led initiatives and gives the small charities a voice. They provide a platform in which sharing experiences and knowledge is key. 

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Hagemans Verf

Hagemans Verf supports us not only financially, but also helps us to spread our name. With its great network in the region we are very grateful for their support! 

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It can be you

Everyone can contribute. Small or big. All help counts! Because only together, we can! 

Would you like to help others? Please contact us.

Cafe hopmans

Café Hopmans

Café Hopmans is a well-known name in town. A cozy cafe located on the Horst in Groesbeek. Martus Foundation is not only financially supported by Hopmans, but we could also make use of their facilities, for example during the car wash last summer!

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Wilde Ganzen

Wilde Ganzen is a Dutch NGO that aims to reduce poverty and inequality through community-led initiatives. Wilde Ganzen is our partner in the Mobile Clinic project. Wilde Ganzen matches your donations up to a total amount of €3.000. So every donation counts, DOUBLE!