Our dream

Being healthy is the greatest gift in life. It is the first step to happiness and a carefree life. Many of us take health and healthcare for granted, but unfortunately that is not for everyone. The Martus Foundation therefore strives for high-quality healthcare for everyone - including the most vulnerable people in society.

Vulnerable people in society are often disadvantaged and this is no different in Africa. People work extremely hard in order to earn enough to maintain themselves and their families. The work is often heavy and dangerous which results in accidents. Many people get permanently hurt by working in unsafe working environments. People with disabilities (acquired or congenital), are underprivileged in hospitals and their access to healthcare is nihil. This poignant reality does not only apply to disabled, also orphans, elderly and other vulnerable people are in extreme high need. Martus Foundation dreams to provide access to healthcare for all people, we dream to contribute to the happy state of life.