Martus Foundation aims to realize a healthcare facility that is accessible for everyone, regardless one's social or economical background. The Martus Healthcare Center will open its doors for all people and will adjust the prices of treatments accordingly. We aim to include all people in the society and raise the equality. 

While realizing this goal, Martus Foundation aims to make use of local companies and services in order to contribute to the local economy while constructing, maintaining or expanding the buildig for example. Moreover, once the Martus Healthcare Center is operating, we aim to facilitate knowledge transfer by organizing international internships, volunteer projects or other (medical) exchange projects. In this way, we can ensure continuous learning for local staff and improve the overall quality of healthcare. Would you like to contribute to realize these goals?

Please check out this page, to see what you can do. 

The aim

To many of us, the accessibility to healthcare services is a given. Unfortunately, this is not the case for all people. In Kahama, people have to travel far to reach an accessible hospital that provides the care they need. However, this is not feasible for all people in need, think of poor, disabled or orphans.