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Our story

There are many people on this planet, most of them will never meet.

If we go around, we always meet new people.  Just to some of them

you will stay connected for ever.

Martus Foundation logo

We, Fortunatus and Marin have met in Tanzania, while both working in a hospital in Mikumi. The friendship was established in Tanzania and we have stayed friends ever since.

Fortunatus has a dream for a long time, and he bravely spoke about it. As his dedication is solid and very strong, he will not stop before this dream has become reality. As realizing a dream is not an easy task, help was needed and it made him think about our genuine friendship.

In other words, you could say that this foundation is formed out of friendship and a shared dream. Therefore the name of this foundation was formed by putting our names Marin and Fortunatus together into Martus Foundation.

Together we will realize this dream.

"Together, we can!"

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