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Our projects

Our dream is big, very big. Therefore, we break it down into smaller pieces. We are working on continuous help for all people in the region of Kahama. 

Martus Foundation

Insurance cards

The Tanzanian government has established Community Health Funds (CHF) in collaboration with the World bank. The CHF insurance cards provide acces to healthcare facilities at affordable prices. One card will provide one household for 12 months insurance for the care they need.

These insurance cards are available from €11,- per year (30.000 TZS) and are valid for the entire region at registered hospitals. The price for the insurance depends on the amount of healtcare centers per region. Do you want to know more about the insurance card? Please have look at this website.

Happy mom and kids in africa
Mobile clinic Africa

Mobile clinic

In this project we offer people in and around Kahama the care they need by visiting them! Patients don't have to make a risky trip to the hospital since Fortunatus can see them at home and provide the essential treatments and medication they need. 

In case of an emergency or critical illness, we can submit the patient to the closest (governmental) medical center for treatment. In this way, we work together with local authorities to help everyone to get the care they need. Because we believe in Fortunatus' motto: Together, we can! 

Martus Healthcare Center

Our long-term goal is to realize a healthcare center where all patients, despite their socioeconomic background, will be treated. We don't differentiate between people's statuses because we believe that healthcare should be available to everyone. 

The construction will be done by local constructors so we can support the local economy as well.  The contractor already developed some drawings! Click on the image on the left to get an impression. Our goal is to realize this goal within 5 years. 

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