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Are you looking for a truly life-changing gift this year?


Then we have the Christmas gift that you are looking for! Skip the funky socks or the boring cook book, give a gift that actually has an impact

With our
Christmas gift card, you can help families in Kahama to get the greatest gift in life, health! With your help we can purchase the needed supplies for our mobile clinic and visit patients at home.

How does it work:

  • Cost: Chose the amount yourself that you would like to contribute with.

  • How: Simply send us an email at and we will post or digitally send the card. 

  • What: All the money you donate will go to realising our mobile clinic in Kahama, Tanzania. 

  • Why: Because you want to give a meaningful Christmas gift.  

We and the community in Kahama are very grateful for your support! 


Christmas gift card

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