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Last Saturday (July 10) the time had come, the very first event for Martus Foundation!

It would be an event that fits the purpose well; the mobile clinic. This is one of the projects we want to focus on in the short term. With the mobile clinic, Fortunatus can visit patients who are too weak and ill to come to the hospital at home and provide them with the necessary care. Of course, this requires a sturdy car and medical equipment. We need about 7,000 euros for this. Time for a fundraiser in style: the carwash for charity!

With a few healthy nerves, we started building the look-a-like carwash plant on Saturday morning! No one had any idea what to expect and if (and how many) people would come. With great thanks to, we were able to publicize our activity with posters and flyers throughout Groesbeek. And that turned out to be successful because we have seen so many cars!

It was fantastic to meet many of you, to talk about the goals of Martus Foundation, and to see the commitment of all of the nine volunteers. The cleaning was taken very seriously and there was a lot of cleaning, spraying, and scrubbing. Hopefully, all cars have left our carwash cleaner in any case! We have washed no fewer than 63 cars, representing an unbelievable amount of €1225. An overwhelming result for a first activity, it makes me very proud! This flying start ensures that the team is extra motivated to continue building on the road to purchasing the mobile clinic because, as Fortunatus always says: “Together, we can!”

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