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One year later...

I remember the day like it was yesterday… Fortunatus asked me if we could have a call about an idea he had for a long time. This text came in the middle of the Covid-crisis. Of course! We had a call and about half a year later I found myself at the Chamber of Commerce to officially register Martus Foundation.

People asked me if that wasn’t a bit too ambitious? Aren’t you looking for a job? But are you a doctor? People might have thought this whole “thing” would be a temporary project. They were wrong. So wrong.

One year of Martus Foundation has passed, and what a year it has been! I’m super duper proud on what we have achieved so far, on the team, on the publicity but mostly on Fortunatus! I think he can be an example to many of us. He is the living proof that if you have a dream, a real dream, that you should never ever give up fighting to reach what you aim for. Not even when you encounter the biggest bump. While he is working day and night to support himself and his family, he dedicates all his free time to help the people who need him the most. Wow. Just wow.

Of course, I do realize that our dream is big (and ambitious) but we have been breaking it down to smaller pieces to narrow our focus and time in a better way. This has enabled us to help over 60 (!) people to access public healthcare facilities in the last year. Also, we have used the time to concretize our plans for the next step: the Mobile Clinic. Not only we had to think about the operational side but also decisions on the medical supplies had to be made. This all has to be budgeted and the upcoming months will be dedicated to finalize a sustainable funding plan for this project. I can’t wait!

Of course, it hasn’t always been easy. Especially combining this great work with all of our full-time jobs has been challenging sometimes. But have I mentioned yet that Emma, Lina and Sjoerd should be awarded for their commitment and dedication too? As a team, we have quite some different fields of expertise. Yet, there are so many other things that none of us actually knows anything about. But that has never stopped anyone! We are trying, failing, redoing and learning things all the time– just like the process of becoming super successful. I can’t express my gratefulness to them in words, but I’m pretty sure they know!

A last thank you is to you, reader of this blog. Maybe, you have been one of those thinking this was just a “thing” one year ago, that’s fine. You are still supporting us today and we couldn’t have done what we have without you. We can’t start the Mobile Clinic without your support. You are part of Martus Foundation. A BIG THANK YOU, from me, the board, Fortunatus but mostly from all of the 312.938 inhabitants of Kahama.

// Marin

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