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The beginning of something big - by Marin

As we all know, 2020 has been a crazy year. Many things went wrong, plans shattered and we all had to deal with restrictions. However, it also has given us the opportunity to create some concrete plans around a dream Fortunatus was having for a long time.

The first time Fortunatus shared his ideas with me, I was still living in Shanghai. I read about his plans, huge plans. Knowing Fortunatus, I knew he wouldn't give up before he had achieved what he is aiming for. After I moved back to the Netherlands, we started to have a more detailed chat about his dream. I asked him some critical questions. In this way we shaped the idea and process further and further.

Around May 2020, our plans were concrete. Ready for action! Fortunatus collected people to help us achieve the heart-warming goals in the Tanzanian branch. After informing these medical experts about the ideas of the Martus Foundation, we received a lot of love, appreciation and dedication to contribute. The Tanzanian registration process started and I also looked for people to help managing the European branch. I didn't have to think long and my friends directly were so motivated and engaged!

About half a year later, on November 11 2020 the Tanzanian and Dutch branch of Martus Foundation are officially registered and the last administrative tasks will be finished soon. I'm writing this blog-post a few days before the public announcement and I can't wait to tell all of you about this great project!

I'm so so grateful for all the help we received during the starting-stage of the organization from my friends, the Tanzanian and Dutch board, family and above all for the dedication and the winning mentality of Fortunatus!

Below you will find a few pictures of last year, taking all the neccessary steps to get where we are now! Officially registered and officially ready to help a lot of people!

Tanzania NGO organization board posing at office
Part of the board posing at the temporary office (Kahama)
official registration NGO organization Tanzania
Marco and Fortunatus showing the registration certificate

Posing with flowers registration at KvK Netherlands NGO organization
Officially registered at the KvK in the Netherlands

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